A Fish Story Watch streaming. A Fish Story Watch stream online. The basic premise of this movie is pretty darn silly. I caught it on Netflix on a slow Saturday afternoon. The glaring problem that stood out to me is the Mother trusting a complete stranger to sleep over in her cabin and go fishing with her young daughter alone is pretty ludicrous. The little girl is the one bright spot in a movie full of actors that would fit in better in a high school drama club. I found it hard to stay awake and was left wondering wondering how I could have better spent the hour and a half I wasted watching this. I wish success to the young actress and would advise the actor that played the middle son to find a different career choice.

A Fish Story Watch stream of consciousness. A Fish Story is a beautiful family film with a lot of heart. It's well written, well crafted (there are some really stunning shots) and well acted. Though there's not a lot of action, the movie was never slow.
The only thing that bothered me. and only in thinking about the movie afterwards, not when I was watching. was that there appeared to be some content left on the cutting room floor that may have given the film even more texture. For example, there was one scene in which some ancillary characters are introduced. Among them were a father and son duo, and there is clearly conflict in their relationship. That's the last we see of the son, though, and I was left feeling that more was intended (maybe as a parallel to or comment on the main story, a father getting a second chance to deal with unresolved family issues.
My issues with the film were minor, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

A Fish Story Watch stream.nbcolympics. A Fish Story Watch stream new albums. A Fish Story Watch stream. A Fish Story Watch stream new. A fish story watch streaming. A Fish Story Watch streams. A Fish Story Watch streaming sur internet. A Fish Story Watch. All episodes of season one except the first five and last two were shown out of production order when originally aired. No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Villains Original air date 1 2 3 1 2 3 "The Last Son of Krypton" Dan Riba Scott Jeralds & Curt Geda Bruce Timm & Dan Riba Alan Burnett & Paul Dini Brainiac September 6, 1996 The Kryptonian scientist Jor-El is collecting data from an ice field on the planet Krypton. After obtaining the samples he needs, Jor-El escapes an earthquake and an attack from a Kryptonian creature. Jor-el analyzes the data and discovers that rising pressure from Kryptons inner core will eventually destroy the whole world and its people. The computer Brainiac, which is in charge of monitoring all major operations on Krypton, denies this. Jor-El is unable to convince Kryptons rulers of the planets impending doom, and his recommendation to transport all Kryptonians to the Phantom Zone to escape the explosion proves unpopular. When Jor-El confronts Brainiac on the matter, he notices that it is downloading all the data it has collected about Krypton, preparing to flee with it into space. Brainiac reveals that he was aware of Kryptons mounting pressure long before Jor-El did, but decided not to inform the populace, concluding that saving all the information about the Kryptonian civilization would be just as good as saving the civilization itself. If Brainiac were to be honest, the Kryptonian government would frantically put it to work on an evacuation plan, preventing it from downloading the data in time. Jor-El considers opening fire on the supercomputer, but decides against it as that could possibly wipe out all memories of Krypton. Brainiac orders the Kryptonian police to arrest Jor-El, but he manages to evade them for the time being. Once home, he and his wife Lara send their only son, Kal-El, into space moments before the planet explodes, all but wiping out the Kryptonian race. Brainiac had escaped to its satellite just before. [1] Late actor Tony Jay who played Nigel St. John on ABC Television Network 's action/romance Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, voiced Sul-Van, Superman's maternal grandfather. Kal-El s spaceship crash-lands on the faraway planet Earth, and he is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Martha decides to adopt the baby boy despite Jonathans protests, and names him Clark. Jumping forward to Clarks years in high school, he discovers that he has extraordinary speed, strength, and can even see through walls. He uses his super powers to rescue a family in a gas station accident, and his girlfriend Lana Lang is surprised that he emerged unscathed. Clark soon learns he also has heat vision, and after demonstrating to Jonathan that he can melt metal with his eyes, he expresses concern about how abnormal he is. Jonathan realizes it is time to tell Clark the whole truth. He reveals Clarks extraterrestrial origins, shows him the spaceship, and gives him access to a recorded message from Jor-El and Lara. [2] Jumping forward a few years, Clark is now living in Metropolis as a reporter for The Daily Planet. Billionaire Lex Luthor is giving a demonstration of LexCorp s latest robotic battle suit when it is suddenly stolen by terrorists. A super man, sporting blue tights and a red cape, emerges from nowhere to stop two of the terrorists. The third terrorist fires a missile at a plane, forcing Superman to abandon the chase to save the plane from crashing in the city. Soon, reports of the strange new superhero start appearing on the news, and Perry White tells Lois Lane to land an interview. Meanwhile, the terrorist who escaped, John Corben, is using the battle suit to wreak havoc throughout the city. After a tough battle, Superman manages to defeat the suit and take Corben out of the armor, ending with the well-known line “Shall we go a few rounds without the suit? ” Meanwhile, out in deep space, some extraterrestrials retrieve the Brainiac satellite. Brainiac kills the aliens and takes over the ship, linking himself online with their computer. [3] 4 4 "Fun and Games" Kazuhide Tomonaga Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg Toyman & Bruno Mannheim September 7, 1996 Gangster Bruno Mannheim is running into problems with the mysterious Toyman, who uses children's toys and games to cause violence. After being abducted by Toyman, Lois learns his motivation. his father had taken a loan from Mannheim and been set up to take the fall when the police busted one of Mannheim's criminal enterprises. [4] 5 5 "A Little Piece of Home" Toshihiko Masuda Hilary J. Bader Lex Luthor September 14, 1996 During the opening of a museum, Superman tries to stop two robbers. He fails when he falls victim to the poisoning effects of Kryptonite, one of the exhibited rocks. Lex Luthor sees the surveillance tape of the event and determines that this must be Supermans one and only weakness. Luthor orchestrates a scheme to trap Superman, place him in vicinity of the rock, and put an end to him once and for all. [5] 6 6 "Feeding Time" Curt Geda Robert Goodman Parasite September 21, 1996 Janitor Rudy Jones runs into an accident with nuclear waste and becomes Parasite. He feeds on the energy of others, with his number one choice being Superman. In doing so, he discovers Superman's identity. [6] 7 7 "The Way of All Flesh" Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz Lex Luthor & Metallo October 19, 1996 Thanks to the orchestrations of Luthor, terrorist John Corben becomes Metallo, a skin-covered cyborg with a Kryptonite heart. Luthor then sets the supervillain on a quest to kill Superman, but Corben begins to question his role as Metallo when he lacks any human senses in the progress. [7] 8 8 "Stolen Memories" Curt Geda Rich Fogel Lex Luthor & Brainiac November 2, 1996 Brainiac, once Krypton's all-knowing planetary computer, comes to Earth as part of his information-gathering trek across the galaxy, and partners with Lex Luthor on the basis of giving technological progress to humanity. But, as Superman discovers, Brainiac's intent after gathering the world's knowledge is to destroy Earth. [8] 9 9 "The Main Man, Part 1" Dan Riba Paul Dini The Preserver November 9, 1996 Intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo is employed to capture the Man of Steel for the rare-species-collecting Preserver, who is obsessed with keeping endangered species in captivity to protect them and prevent their extinction. Superman, the last Kryptonian, is the latest catch for his collection. Upon realizing that Lobo is the last Czarnian (having killed all the others himself) he betrays the bounty hunter and adds him to the collection as well. [9] Trivia: Sherman Howard, who portrayed Lex Luthor on the television series Superboy, appears as the Preserver. 10 10 "The Main Man, Part 2" Dan Riba Paul Dini The Preserver November 16, 1996 Superman and Lobo team up to escape the Preservers holdings. Additionally, they must fight off a vile band of competing bounty hunters who share a vendetta against the “Main Man. ” [10] 11 11 "My Girl" Yuichiro Yano Hilary J. Bader Lex Luthor November 23, 1996 Clark's high school sweetheart Lana Lang, who is now a famous fashion designer, comes to Metropolis where she and Lex Luthor become a celebrity couple. Lana still has strong feelings for Clark; even worse, she had long ago connected Clark to Superman. Hoping to become his sidekick (and lover) she puts her own life in danger by spying on Luthors arms sales to gain incriminating information. [11] 12 12 "Tools of the Trade" Curt Geda Mark Evanier Bruno Mannheim, Kanto & Darkseid February 1, 1997 Bruno Mannheim's Intergang terrorizes Metropolis with hi-tech weapons from a mysterious backer (Darkseid's minion Kanto) while SCU Inspector Dan Turpin goes on a personal hunt for answers. Turpin has been the subject of media jokes that Superman must do everything, until Superman appears on camera saying it was actually Turpin who saved Superman's life by stopping one of the deadly weapons. In the end, Manheim meets his new boss, the evil lord Darkseid, bent on conquering the universe, and filling Mannheim with dread. [12] 13 13 "Two's a Crowd" Hiroyuki Aoyama Stan Berkowitz Earl Garver & Parasite February 15, 1997 When embittered scientist Earl Garver ( Brian Cox) goes into a coma before revealing the location of a ticking bomb, Superman risks enlisting the Parasite to drain the information from Garver's mind. It then becomes an internal struggle in Parasite's mind as Earl tries to tempt Parasite with visions of power, whereas Rudy Jones argues that it is simply best to defuse the bomb and accept the reward of better living conditions while serving his prison sentence. [13] Episodes of season two originally aired Saturday mornings prior to The New Batman/Superman Adventures. No. in season Title Directed by Written by Villain(s) Original air date 14 1 "Blasts From the Past, Part 1" Dan Riba Robert Goodman Jax-Ur & Mala September 8, 1997 Upon discovery of the Phantom Zone projector in his spaceship, Superman makes contact with and releases a prisoner whose sentence is complete. She is a Kryptonian named Mala, and she quickly gains the same abilities that Superman possesses. She soon becomes power-hungry and Superman feels she may have to return to the Phantom Zone. Upon this threat, Mala uses the projector to release her General, Jax-Ur. [14] 15 2 "Blasts From the Past, Part 2" Dan Riba Robert Goodman Jax-Ur & Mala September 9, 1997 After Jax-Ur gains his powers, he and Mala imprison Superman in the Phantom Zone, smash the projector, and begin their conquest of Earth. With the help of Professor Hamilton, Superman must find a way to escape from the Phantom Zone and deal with the two corrupt soldiers. [15] 16 3 "The Prometheon" Nobuo Tomizawa Story by: Alan Burnett and Stan Berkowitz Teleplay by: Stan Berkowitz The Prometheon September 12, 1997 During a mission in space, Superman discovers a massive humanoid stone giant named the Prometheon latched to an asteroid. Prometheons restraints break loose and he plummets to Metropolis. It causes devastation and accumulates energy by sucking up heat from firepower and power plants. The episode is named after Prometheus, who stole fire from the Greek gods. [16] 17 4 "Speed Demons" Toshihiko Masuda Rich Fogel Weather Wizard September 13, 1997 Superman and The Flash compete in a charity running race around the world to determine who truly is the fastest man alive. Meanwhile, a menace called the Weather Wizard harnesses enough power to create devastating storms across the globe. Superman and The Flash put their race on hold, team up, and seek out the tempestuous villain. [17] Trivia: In the episode, on a map, Metropolis is shown as being New York City. The episode is based on a comic issue where Superman and The Flash have a race to see who is the fastest. 18 5 "Livewire" Curt Geda Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer Livewire September 13, 1997 Leslie Willis, an obnoxious shock jock and notorious critic of Superman, holds a rock concert during a thunderstorm. When lightning strikes Willis, she is discolored and transformed into the electric-powered supervillainess Livewire. Superman must discover her weakness before she sucks the city dry of electricity. [18] 19 6 "Identity Crisis" Curt Geda Story by: Joe R. Lansdale & Robert Goodman Teleplay by: Robert Goodman Bizarro & Lex Luthor September 15, 1997 Superman encounters a clone of himself who decays into a flawed version dubbed Bizarro. The clone continuously argues, “You no am Superman. Me am Superman! ” until he discovers the truth of his origins—a secret cloning operation in the mountains, led by none other than Lex Luthor. Lex hopes to create an army of Supermen at his disposal. [19] 20 7 "Target" Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader Edward Lytener September 19, 1997 Lois finds herself marked for death by stalker and former LexCorp employee Edward Lytener. Superman saves her several times from the murderous attempts, but he cant protect her 24/7… [20] 21 8 "Mxyzpixilated" Dan Riba Paul Dini Mister Mxyzptlk September 20, 1997 A powerful imp from the 5th dimension, named Mister Mxyzptlk, starts annoying Superman by appearing every 90 days to cause trouble and mischief. The comical villain gets equally aggravated because Superman repeatedly tricks him into saying, spelling or revealing his own name backwards, sending him back to the 5th dimension. Mister Mxyzptlk returns with a proposition for Superman—get him to say or spell his own name backwards twice in a row, and he promises to leave Superman alone forever. [21] 22 9 "Action Figures" Kenji Hachizaki Hilary J. Bader Metallo September 20, 1997 An amnesiac Metallo reemerges from the ocean and washes ashore on a volcanic island. Two children find him and make him their friend. As Metallo gradually remembers more of his past, he becomes evil again and seeks revenge on Superman. [22] 23 10 "Double Dose" Yuichiro Yano Hilary J. Bader Parasite & Livewire September 22, 1997 Livewire escapes from prison, eager to punish Superman for placing her there. She teams up with Parasite to cause mayhem once again. [23] 24 11 "Solar Power" Kazuhide Tomonaga Robert Goodman Luminus September 26, 1997 Lois' stalker Edward Lytener returns as Luminus to seek revenge against Superman, with a way to depower him by tinting the sunlight red to match the red Kryptonian sun. He ties up and gags Jimmy and Lois and uses them as bait for Superman, who finally saves them. [24] 25 12 "Brave New Metropolis" Curt Geda Story by: Stan Berkowitz & Alan Burnett Teleplay by: Stan Berkowitz Lex Luthor September 27, 1997 Lois is thrown into a parallel universe of Metropolis where Luthor and Superman work together and rule as dictators. In this world, the alternate Lois Lane was killed and her death had traumatized Superman into joining forces with Lex to create a police state of control. When Lois learns how much Superman had cared for her, she desperately seeks a way back home so she can share her true feelings for him as well. [25] 26 13 "Monkey Fun" Curt Geda Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer Titano September 27, 1997 A monkey is found floating in space, returning from years of suspended animation in his ship. It turns out the monkey, named Titano, was a beloved companion of Lois during her childhood. In space, Titano encountered a radioactive asteroid, causing him to mutate on Earth and become big trouble for Superman and Metropolis. [17] 26] Trivia: The episode is based on the episode "The Chimp Who Made It Big" from the Filmation-produced "New Adventures of Superman" series. [27] 27 14 "Ghost in the Machine" Hiroyuki Aoyama Rich Fogel Lex Luthor & Brainiac September 29, 1997 Brainiac s consciousness takes control of LexCorp s computer systems and traps Luthor in his own laboratory, forcing him to rebuild Brainiacs primary body in secret. After Clark questions why Lex is missing from his office, Superman and Mercy Graves team up to investigate his disappearance. [28] 28 15 "Father's Day" Dan Riba Mark Evanier & Steve Gerber Kalibak & Darkseid October 3, 1997 To carry his fathers favor, the New God brute Kalibak goes to Earth to destroy Superman. Meanwhile, Clarks adopted parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, are visiting him in Metropolis for Fathers Day. The city takes a beating as the two sons battle it out. 29 30 31 16 17 18 "World's Finest" Toshihiko Masuda Story by: Alan Burnett & Paul Dini Teleplay by: Alan Burnett, Paul Dini & Rich Fogel Story by: Alan Burnett & Paul Dini Teleplay by: Steve Gerber Story by: Alan Burnett & Paul Dini Teleplay by: Stan Berkowitz Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor & Mercy Graves October 4, 1997 The Joker steals a large piece of Kryptonite and then comes to Metropolis, offering to kill Superman for Lex Luthor in exchange for one billion American dollars. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne pays a visit to Metropolis to negotiate a business deal with Lex. Bruce also uses this opportunity to suit up as Batman and hunt the clown. Superman uses his X-ray vision to discover Batman's identity while Batman uses a tracking device on Superman's cape to discover his. [29] The Joker kidnaps Lois Lane and uses her as bait in an attempt to kill Superman. He has her bound and gagged in his lair and sends a video message to Superman telling his location. First Superman wears a lead suit, but Joker uses acid from his flower to melt through the suit. Batman manages to stop him and save the two, causing Lex Luthor to become irritated and give him one last chance to defeat the two heroes. [30] After the Joker fails to defeat Superman and Batman, Lex Luthor tries to withdraw from the deal by killing the clown. This fails and leads instead to the Joker and Harley Quinn trying to take revenge on him by destroying Metropolis in a giant wing, while he uses the other half of the Kryptonite to try to stop Superman. It is ultimately up to the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight to stop this madness. [31] Trivia: This 3-part episode features four of DCs most popular characters. It was later released on VHS and DVD as The Batman/Superman Movie: World's Finest. 32 19 "Bizarro's World" Hiroyuki Aoyama Robert Goodman Bizarro October 10, 1997 Bizarro, after visiting Superman's Fortress of Solitude, sees the demise of Krypton. Believing this is his own past, Bizarro constructs a "Krypton" in downtown Metropolis with the intent to blow it up in the same manner that Krypton exploded. [32] 33 20 "The Hand of Fate" Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader & Stan Berkowitz Karkull October 11, 1997 When an evil demon named Lord Karkull is unleashed, Superman attempts to enlist the aid of the now uninterested wizard superhero, Doctor Fate. [33] 34 21 "Prototype" Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader Corey Mills October 11, 1997 LexCorp and John Henry Irons design a powerful prototype armor suit for the Metropolis SCU, which Lex hopes will make Supermans services unneeded. The SCU officer who pilots the suit, Sergeant Mills, proves a useful partner to Superman at first, but the suit soon corrupts the officers mind, making him violently unstable. Irons is discouraged over the failure of his project, but Superman convinces him that it would be a valuable tool if Irons can find a way to stabilize it. [34] 35 22 "The Late Mr. Kent" Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz Kurt Bowman November 1, 1997 Clark Kent has evidence to clear a condemned man from sentence of death, but the situation complicates when Superman survives a murder attempt on Clark planned by dirty cop Detective Bowman. Superman doesnt want to sacrifice his dual identity, but he doesnt want an innocent man to be killed for a crime he didnt commit. The investigative episode ends with a twist, plus a certain characters shocking realization. [35] 36 23 "Heavy Metal" Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader Metallo November 8, 1997 John Henry Irons, an ex-employee of LexCorp, helped Luthor develop the powerful suit of armor from the episode Prototype. He has lately been developing a new, advanced suit for himself. When Superman is caught off guard from the reappearance of Metallo, Irons must suit-up as Steel to help the Man of Steel. [36] 37 24 "Warrior Queen" Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader De'Cine November 22, 1997 Maxima, the stuck-up queen of an alien empire, discovers her perfect mate - Superman. She takes Superman back to her native planet only to learn she has been deposed due to public outrage against her. [37] 38 25 "Apokolips…Now! Part 1" Dan Riba Story by: Bruce Timm Teleplay by: Rich Fogel Darkseid, Steppenwolf & Bruno Mannheim February 7, 1998 Bruno Mannheim and Intergang have returned to Earth, but their antics are only a prelude to Darkseid s all-out assault on Earth and Superman. The courageous officer Dan Turpin helps Superman fight off swarms of Apokolips demons. They limp on until a warrior from New Genesis, named Orion, arrives to assist them in the war. Orion, who is badly hurt is taken to STAR Labs for medical attention. Orion recovers quickly and explains the essential facts of the history between the two worlds and that Darkseid seeks to dominate Earth. Soon enough, Darkseid's forces arrive and stage an attack on an air force base which is repelled by Superman, Orion and the SCU. [38] 39 26 "Apokolips…Now! Part 2" Dan Riba Story by: Bruce Timm and Rich Fogel Teleplay by: Rich Fogel Darkseid, Steppenwolf & Bruno Mannheim February 14, 1998 After a successful attempt to stop Darkseids plans, the invasion of Earth begins and Superman gets captured and tortured. The people of Metropolis resist and try to fight the evil lord. Even after seeing Superman defeated and paraded through the streets the citizens of Metropolis continue to fight back which bolsters Superman's confidence. Superman, with the help of Turpin, manages to free himself from his bonds and subsequently a fleet of New Genesis ships arrives to stop Darkseid. Orion informs Darkseid that the ruler of New Genesis, the wise and powerful High Father, has placed Earth under his protection and as such any further aggression will breach the peace treaty between New Genesis and Apokolips. Darkseid calls off the attack and as a last act of spite vaporizes Dan Turpin. Superman goes mad with grief and begin destroys the enemy tank. Later, on a sunny hillside with a large crowd in attendance, a Jewish funeral service is held for the fallen police officer and a Rabbi sings the Kaddish for Turpin. Superman says his goodbyes to his friend; saying "in the end the world didn't need a Superman just a brave one. 39] These episodes also introduce the origins of New Genesis and Apokolips and how Highfather and Darkseid exchanged sons as part of a truce This episode is dedicated to Jack Kirby 40 41 27 28 "Little Girl Lost" Curt Geda Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Paul Dini and Alan Burnett Story by: Rich Fogel Teleplay by: Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer Granny Goodness & Darkseid May 2, 1998 Superman discovers Kara, the last survivor of a Kryptonian colony named Argo, who takes the identity of her first cousin and becomes Supergirl. Anxious to fight crime like Superman, Kara soon gets more than she asked for. She and Jimmy Olsen stumble upon a teenage Intergang operation, led by the sadistic Granny Goodness. [40] Supergirl and Jimmy are able to eradicate Grannys manipulative hold over the teenagers, but the mistress of Apokolips wants revenge. She summons her Female Furies to teach Supergirl some manners. Suddenly, Superman comes to the rescue and fights the furies. After a while they manage to defeat him and takes him to Apokolips to face Darkseid. It's now up to Supergirl to rescue her long lost cousin. [41] No. in season Title Directed by Written by Villain(s) Original air date 42 1 "Where There's Smoke" Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader Volcana September 19, 1998 Superman crosses paths with a fiery-tempered, metahuman thief named Volcana. She possesses pyrokinetic abilities and is on the run from a secret government agency. With the help of a telekinetic psychologist, Superman hopes to locate and help the misguided Volcana before her fire is put out permanently. [42] 43 2 "Knight Time" Curt Geda Robert Goodman The Penguin, The Riddler, Bane, The Mad Hatter, Roxy Rocket, Batman (under Brainiac's control) and Brainiac October 10, 1998 Superman learns that the Dark Knight has been missing from Gotham for some time now. Superman finds Robin, who has been battling all the crime in Batmans absence, such as Batman rogues The Penguin, The Riddler, Bane, The Mad Hatter and Roxy Rocket. Disguised as Batman, Superman helps Robin investigate why his partner has disappeared, leading up to a confrontation with Brainiac. [43] 44 3 "New Kids in Town" Butch Lukic Stan Berkowitz & Rich Fogel Brainiac October 31, 1998 It is the 30th Century and the everlasting villain Brainiac has found a way to travel back in time. He returns to Smallville to destroy Clark Kent before he can become Superman. Three Legionnaires from the future travel back in time to help Clark fight Brainiac. [44] 45 4 "Obsession" Dan Riba Story by: Paul Dini, Andrew Donkin & Ron Fogelman Teleplay by: Andrew Donkin & Ron Fogelman Toyman November 14, 1998 Lana Lang is in Metropolis managing a series of fashion shows featuring the latest top model, Darci. When an attempt is made to kidnap her, Superman discovers the kidnapping was organizaed by Toyman, who is obsessed with Darci. Both Superman and Lang suspect the model knows more than she is letting on, and discover she hides a secret behind her origins. This would later be followed by the Static Shock episode “Toys in the Hood. ” [45] 46 5 "Little Big Head Man" Shin-Ichi Tsuji Story by: Paul Dini Teleplay by: Paul Dini & Robert Goodman Mister Mxyzptlk & Bizarro November 21, 1998 Mister Mxyzptlk, returns and tricks Bizarro into attacking Superman. The Man of Steel must use both brawn and intellect to fight the formidable duo. [46] 47 6 "Absolute Power" Butch Lukic Hilary J. Bader & Alan Burnett Jax-Ur & Mala January 16, 1999 Jax-Ur and Mala have escaped from the Phantom Zone and have subjugated an entire planet, ironically dubbing it “New Krypton. ” After rescuing a distraught spaceship from a black hole, Superman stumbles upon New Krypton. At first, he feels he should leave Jax-Ur and Mala alone to rule as they please, but he reconsiders when he sees they are secretly creating a navy with the intent of attacking Earth. [47] Trivia: Sarah Douglas from Superman and Superman II replaced Leslie Easterbrook as Mala. 48 7 "In Brightest Day…" Butch Lukic Hilary J. Bader Sinestro February 6, 1999 A member of the Green Lantern Corps crash-lands on Earth and passes his ring on to Kyle Rayner —a Daily Planet artist who becomes the next Green Lantern. With Supermans help, Kyle learns the power of the ring and quickly becomes a valuable partner. They work together to battle the power-hungry, ruthless opponent Sinestro. [48] This is the only major appearance of Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern of Earth in the DCAU (he appears briefly in 2 episodes of Justice League as a background character, only in one of which he speaks) Homage is paid to Hal Jordan, with both his origin given to Rayner and the hero being thrown into his plane while fighting Sinestro at Broom Lake Air-force base Before getting his ring Rayner also fights an unnamed mugger which looks a lot like Guy Gardner. 49 8 "Superman's Pal" Kazumi Fukushima Robert Goodman Metallo February 20, 1999 Jimmy Olsen garners unwanted attention after news reporter Angela Chen dubs him “Supermans Pal. ” Jimmy soon runs into more trouble than usual, so Superman must come to his rescue more often. Meanwhile, Jimmy has begun dating a young Daily Planet intern, who has a “thing” for metal. She uses Jimmy to lure Superman into a trap—a confrontation with one of Supermans strongest tallo. [49] 50 9 "A Fish Story" Shin-Ichi Tsuji Story by: Alan Burnett Teleplay by: Hilary J. Bader & Rich Fogel Lex Luthor May 8, 1999 Creatures of the sea are acting in strange and aggressive ways lately. It turns out Lex Luthor is undergoing an unethical, underwater experiment and has also imprisoned the legendary Aquaman. Lois and Clark must help Aquaman before a war breaks out between Earth and the City of Atlantis. [50] 51 10 "Unity" Shin-Ichi Tsuji Paul Dini & Rich Fogel Unity May 15, 1999 Superman and Supergirl must save Smallville, and the world, from the Reverend, a gargantuan scouting probe disguised as a human reverend named Powell, as well as its master, an even larger alien parasite that wishes to unite Earth's inhabitants in perpetual unity. [51] 52 11 "The Demon Reborn" Dan Riba Rich Fogel Ra's al Ghul, Talia and the Society of Shadows September 18, 1999 Ra's al Ghul and his Society of Shadows arrive in Metropolis to steal a mythical staff currently on exhibit. The staff can be used to steal Supermans powers and transfer them to Ras. It is up to Batman to locate and rescue Superman from the immortal foe. Talia al Ghul makes her first and final appearance David Warner, who voiced Ra's al Ghul, previously portrayed Jor-El on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in the episode "Foundling. 53 12 "Legacy, Part 1" Curt Geda Story by: Paul Dini Teleplay by: Rich Fogel Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Kalibak & Lex Luthor February 5, 2000 Darkseid brainwashes Superman into believing he is his adopted son. With Superman under his control, Darkseid sends him to Earth to decimate its military force. [52] 54 13 "Legacy, Part 2" Dan Riba Story by: Paul Dini Teleplay by: Paul Dini & Rich Fogel Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Kalibak & Lex Luthor February 12, 2000 Lex Luthor halts the invasion by temporarily weakening Superman. The Man of Steel has time to recover from Darkseids control, but he is imprisoned by the military and he is sentenced to death. Lois helps Superman escape so that he may pursue Darkseid. On Apokolips, the two titans have an epic battle to conclude the series. [53.

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