Sixteen tongue 5s. Sixteen tongues film wiki. In better hands Sixteen Tongues could have been a real gem. Ferrara maybe, or Cronenberg, or better yet some slime crusted, fork dicked hybrid of the two, Ferrara's pointed grime and Cronenberg's art and smarts. Sadly writer/director Scooter McRae isn't fit to shine the balls of either of the aforementioned, let alone a super-being made of their best qualities, but he comes up with a pretty watchable slice of underground trash nonetheless. Things even start rather well, opening credits laid over blue tinted extreme close ups of body parts mixed with strobe lighting, it sets up the films central theme of body overpowering, magnified, perverted, we see belly as plain, breasts as heaping dunes, flesh as landscape. And where the body is not just vessel for the mind in the world but world itself, what place is there for the mind? Then pretty much the first scene of the film is a freaky disfigured guy taunting a hooded prisoner before raping him in the mouth and shooting him in the head. Regrettably after this auspicious opening the film settles into a somewhat slow, repetitious groove and I'll wager many will find it deeply tedious. The plot switches to a female assassin and her hacker girlfriend shacked up in an incredibly seedy hotel (here you have to pay to turn the porn off) they argue, screw and pursue a nebulous vengeance, matters coming to a head with the arrival of the earlier disfigured gent. It all ends in suitably violent fashion which will either come as a relief or a fitting finale depending on your patience. Me, I liked it well enough. Starlets Jane Chase and Alice Liu are mostly naked during the film, and while both are shot and made up to look kinda dorky and unappealing they got at least the ghost of a rise out of me. Also both of them (as well as Crawford Chase as the sinister disfigured dude) perform with commitment, the ennui they bring feels organic rather than an unintentional side effect of the film-making, their dulled tones, flares of tired anger, blurts of frenzy, it works in a gritty sort of manner. The general design is effective too, cheapest hotel imaginable but with pornographic trapping everywhere, even the odd full on mannequin. Everything works together to put across notions of body, mind and control, ideas that are not especially developed, rather interesting tones, together a lulling, darkly ambient experience. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone that isn't a devotee of underground cyberpunk themed trash, but to those on the same wonky wavelength (myself for example) its a nice little watch. 6/10.

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Sixteen Tongues A Real Cyber-Sleeper! I decided to buy this based on most cyber-punk websites that state it is within the top 10 of all time cult classics. Wow, somewhere along the line, budget was thrown out the window to accomodate for more trips to the photocopy machine to make wallpaper! Although the ideas are good and for the most part the premise may be worth developing further, it does not happen in this film! Gratuitous nudity aside, this film does little to stimulate the imigination, let alone the senses. something you think a move named 16 tongues would have buckets of. 80 minutes of my life I won't get back, I suggest you spend your time elsewhere.

Sixteen tongues (1999. Sixteen tongues dvd. Sixteen tongue. Sixteen tongues. Sixteen tongues movie. Sixteen tongues. Sixteen Tongues Directed by Scooter McCrae Produced by Alex Kuciw Written by Scooter McCrae Starring Jane Chase Crawford James Alice Liu Music by Cerebellion Geek Messiah Cinematography Scooter McCrae Edited by Rick O'Shea Production company Seeing Eye Dog Productions Gem-In-Eye Productions Distributed by Sub Rosa Studios Release date July 2003 ( FIFF) Running time 80 minutes Country United States Language English Sixteen Tongues is a 2003 American science fiction film written and directed by Scooter McCrae. It stars Jane Chase, Crawford James, and Alice Liu. Plot [ edit] In a dystopian future, the lives of three deviants converge: Ginny, a cyborg assassin; Adrian, a rogue cop; and Alik, the assassin's lover. Alik, a hacker, is obsessed with finding her brother's killer, and Ginny wants to kill the scientist who caused her to experience bouts of homicidal rage and crippling sexual overload. The two encounter Adrian in a sleazy hotel where any desire can be sated, no matter how perverse. The only survivor of a massacre, Adrian has received skin grafts from the tongues of his slain comrades. Unknown to the others, the grafts have slowly driven him insane due to psychic trauma. Cast [ edit] Jane Chase as Ginny Chin-Chin Crawford James as Adrian Torque Alice Liu as Alik Silens Production [ edit] The title was inspired by the song " Sixteen Tons. As McCrae become more taken with the idea of exploring the possibilities of the title, he developed a plot with characters that were extreme enough that they posed a challenge. [1] The characters were designed in part to make viewers question their sympathy for protagonists, who may not deserve their empathy or sympathy. [2] Filming began in 1999 in Brooklyn and continued through the summer. [1] 3] Casting was made difficult by the transgressive content. McCrae said that he did not ever have to convince the actors, as he made sure that they were comfortable with the requirements of the script. One explicit sex scene was rewritten, as McCrae and Chase agreed that it was too transgressive. [4] Due to a lack of crew members, McCrae himself was forced to take multiple production duties, such as cameras and lighting. [1] Themes include mortality, taboos, the nature of evil, and issues of betrayal and trust. Although the film was not written with a political message in mind, McCrae said that it could not be divorced from its time period, the administration of George W. Bush. [4] Release [ edit] Sixteen Tongues premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in July 2003. [5] It was released on DVD on February 22, 2005. [6] Reception [ edit] Jon Condit of Dread Central rated it 3/5 stars and wrote, Sadly, although Mr. McCrae has vision and creativity, the things he lacks in Sixteen Tongues are budget and strong actors. Sometimes his writing is just too heavy for the amateur actors, and it's a shame when a good line isn't handled appropriately. 7] Discussing its pornographic content and transgressive themes, Drew McWeeny of Ain't It Cool News wrote, If you're looking for something truly transgressive, Sixteen Tongues should test the threshold of even the boldest viewer. 5] Mike Watt of Film Threat rated it 3. 5/5 stars and wrote that though the imagery is shocking, the film rewards multiple viewings with a satisfying narrative that is not immediately obvious. [8] Also writing at Film Threat, Eric Campos rated it 3/5 stars and recommended it to fans of cyberpunk films who can handle the disturbing imagery. [9] Bill Gibron of DVD Talk rated it 2. 5/5 stars and wrote, This is an attempt at grandiose filmmaking on a shoestring budget, a movie loaded with intriguing, if often incomplete ideas and imagery, forced into a single claustrophobic cost-cutting setting. 6] References [ edit] a b c Watt, Mike (2005-02-16. Scooter McCrae: Shattered Tongues. Film Threat. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ Lamberson, Gregory (2008. Cheap Scares. Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets. McFarland & Company. pp. 173–174. ISBN   9780786452026. ^ Watt, Mike (2013. Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self-Restraint. pp. 177–180. ISBN   9780786493357. ^ a b Watt, Mike (2004-09-14. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ a b McWeeny, Drew (2003-07-26. FANTASIA 2003! MORIARTY Reviews SAKURA WARS, GODZILLA, 16 TONGUES, LUCKY, INNER SENSES. BUBBA HO-TEP. Ain't It Cool News. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ a b Gibron, Bill (2005-05-01. Sixteen Tongues. DVD Talk. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ Condit, Jon (2004-11-24. Sixteen Tongues (2002. Dread Central. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ Watt, Mike (2005-04-29. Sixteen Tongues (DVD. Retrieved 2015-02-19. ^ Campos, Eric (2005-04-26. Retrieved 2015-02-19. External links [ edit] Sixteen Tongues on IMDb Sixteen Tongues at Rotten Tomatoes.